About The Author

Laura lives in Tampa, Florida. She is a native Missourian, born in Brookfield. She is a birth doula and teaches natural childbirth preparation classes. She enjoys going to the beach as often as she can. The rhythm of the ocean is as healing as it is magical. She lives simply in an RV and lives the green life. She is very involved in a cat rescue and shares a flock of chickens with her son David Jr. She writes with a sense of humor and in a whimsical style.

In her series of three books, A Midwife’s Legacy, she writes about the blood, sweat, and tears of birthing. Included are stories about the part of her career when she stepped barefoot on a slug in the pitch black of night; screaming and having the dad run to the kitchen to see what had happened; having her ears full of ants when she left her doppler on the floor doing a mothers fetal heart tone check; and trading a birth for a white cocker spaniel named Lily. Her experiences are endless, and she loves her full life.

In her second book, she talks about how she went through each day as a birth professional for the nearly three months in Tampa General Hospital as her middle daughter Tricia was in a coma after having multiple strokes caused by the removal of a pituitary tumor. She also shares about being taken to court in the 80s because her neighbor, an obstetrical nurse, said she was running a commercial medical facility out of her home.

Laura is an extremely strong and empowered woman. She has a signature scripture she goes by – Roman 8:28. She was called to be a midwife as a child. She followed her passion and her gift and encourages other women to follow their passion.

She has been a midwife for the past 38 years and is currently a doula in the Tampa/Brandon, Florida area. Beginning 41 years ago as the foster mother to 13 single moms, she has attended over 2,012 births. She has stopped the hemorrhaging of women in childbirth and breathed the breath of life into newborns.

She graduated from The American Academy of Midwifery in Dallas and from Family Birth Services in Grand Prairie. She graduated from Wellspring Massage School in 2006 and does pregnancy and healing massage. She is a chaplain and has served at St. Joseph Medical Center in Kansas City, Missouri. She worked in hospice care doing massage for seven years.

She has seven grown children and thirteen grandchildren, five of which are great grandchildren. She is working on her next book in the A Midwife’s Legacy series, which will come out in December 2016. She is also writing a book on oils and herbs. To be released May of 2016.
She intends to move back to Kansas City in the winter. Where 12 of her 13 grand children are. Including a set of twin boys 6 months old